An introduction to the construction and the balsa wood structure

It is assumed that the results would be similar for testing in shear. Size effects — Research has shown that smaller wood members are stronger per unit area than larger members.

This gradual change in grain will be possible with plywood style layering of the balsa. The adjustments of the suggested design process are really focused on the analysis and testing of pleasantness and noticeability.

This fact should be of utmost consideration when designing the legs of the structure. Think back to jolly ranchers and tootsie rolls. Tensile Strength If you have long thin strips of wood that you are going to work with you might want to test all the strips for tensile strength before you begin to cut them up into pieces for your structure.

In testing prototypes, the effects of the grain orientation needs to be observed. To expect uniform stress distributions and to predict the exact locations of stresses prior to testing prototypes is generally not a good idea.

You can only carry this so far. Unfortunately, the data obtained from these tests was not conclusive of much. Apparently balsa can withstandapproximately 3 times more load under tension than under compression.

Since the more the wood substance the greater the weight, and the greater the weight the stronger the wood, chestnuts with wide rings must have stronger wood than chestnuts with narrow rings.

The two controls tests with smooth muscles and tests with 6 Ala repeats will show I am sure you got that. This may be because the scarf joint has the highest amount of surfacearea that is glued.

The loading cap will need to be constrained so it will not slide downthe side of the structure, so added material needs to be place in thosepoints. The data obtained form this test can be used in design of the top beam in the final design.

This photo shows a piece of graph paper being squared up with the side of my glass "drafting" table using a T-Square.

Glue is weakest in shear, but as before and to simplify the testing process, specimens will be tested in torsion, normal to the glue surface.

It is important to keep your work area dust free.

Balsawood Structure Design

They can be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional. If you want to end with a level structure then your jig has to start level. However this test yields comparative results for each glue and has an obvious best solution.

When loaded perpendicular to the grain, the fibers pull apart easily, and the material exhibits the least strength. Therefore requiring more glue and reinforcing the joint more. This took many tests, but in every other test, the material exhibited buckling as well as compression.

Introduction - Introduction to the Structure Challenge; Take a piece of 1/8" x 1/8" x 36" long balsa wood Any errors in the construction of your jig will magnify during the construction of your structure because no one is a perfect builder.

Documenting Your Work. Balsa wood is extremely light, for example, but when formed into the right shapes is also extremely strong. This structure made of balsa wood and super glue weighed only 18 grams but supported kg before breaking!! The UK construction industry generally uses the word ‘timber’ to describe the density or hardness of the wood.

For example Balsa, which is known to be soft and used for building lightweight models, is a hardwood whereas Timber as a structural material - an introduction PROPERTIES OF WOOD AND STRUCTURAL WOOD PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION Wood differs from other construction materials because it is produced in a living tree.

As a result, wood possesses material properties that may be This chapter discusses the structure of wood, its physical and mechanical. Aircraft Structures Chapter 1 structure development by building a glider with stacked wings incorporating the use of wires as wing supports.

Stress, Strain, & Strength: An Introduction to Materials Science

Mosquito, used a balsa wood sandwich material in the construction of the fuselage. [Figure ] The fiberglass. The Balsa Bridge Competition offers participating teams the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of structural design principles in the construction of a three-dimensional balsa bridge structure.

Balsawood Structure Design

Students will design and build a bridge structure using specified balsa wood. The structure will be weighed and judged and then loaded until failure.

An introduction to the construction and the balsa wood structure
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