Greenhouse effect is the result of

Runaway greenhouse effect

The extra water vapour in the atmosphere will fall again as extra rain, which can cause flooding in other places in the world. If the amount of energy from the sun and the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere remain the same, then the average temperature on Earth will also be constant.

Climate Change Indicators: Greenhouse Gases

During the night, the atmosphere cools somewhat, but not greatly, because its emissivity is low. Listen to it here, Episode When car ownership per inhabitants in India and China, with a combined population of 2.

This is what we call the greenhouse effect.

Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Note that many industrial processes also use electricity and therefore indirectly cause the emissions from the electricity production. On the other hand, proposed measures to reduce human contributions to greenhouse gases can also have great consequences.

However, before all this radiation can disappear into outer space, greenhouse gases in our atmosphere absorb some of it, which heats up the atmosphere. According to the IPCC, up to a sixth of the world's population lives in areas that will be affected by meltwater reduction.

Horowitz, and Daniel Q. This results in more warmth below. Historical Overview of Climate Change. Most of the remaining energy is absorbed at the surface of Earth. Global Warming Potential year: Because of this, in the former case the loss of oceans will save the last life instead of destroying it completely.

The temperature has gradually risen over the last years. High abundance of water vapor in the atmosphere allowed photodissociation to occur, with lighter hydrogen gas escaping to space and oxygen reacting with surface rocks.

Scientists think that if the same process happened on Earth, we would have temperatures with several hundred degrees C, and an atmosphere times as dense as we have right now. Melting polar ice caps will cause sea levels to rise, which could be catastrophic for coastal towns and cities across the world, and also for low lying areas.

Ward and Brownlee predict that there will be two variations of this future warming feedback: The net effect is that more heat remains in than can come out, increasing the temperature inside the car. Sometimes the effects of the greenhouse effect are stated in terms of the albedo of the Earth, the overall average reflection coefficient.

Greenhouse effect

This keeps the temperature of the Earth higher than it would be if direct heating by the Sun was the only source of warming.

Some of the ice in and around the North and South Poles is starting to melt — the water is pouring into the sea. Greenhouse gases Main article: A runaway greenhouse effect involving carbon dioxide and water vapor may have occurred on Venus.

Changes to plant growth and nutrition levels Since plants need carbon dioxide to grow, if there are higher amounts in the air, plant growth can increase. The absorption patterns of water vapor blue peaks and carbon dioxide pink peaks overlap in some wavelengths. The atmosphere also gains heat by sensible and latent heat fluxes from the surface.

Mauzerall, and Arlene M. The greenhouse effect is a result of A. absorption and radiation of energy in the hydrosphere. B. consumption of fruits and vegetables that produce a biofuel/5(19).

Greenhouse Effect The greenhouse effect refers to circumstances where the short wavelengths of visible light from the sun pass through a transparent medium and are absorbed, but the longer wavelengths of the infrared re-radiation from the heated objects are unable to pass through that medium.

Aug 28,  · A greenhouse is a house made of glass. It has glass walls and a glass roof.

Climate Change Indicators: Greenhouse Gases

People grow tomatoes and flowers and other plants in them. A greenhouse stays warm inside, even during winter. Sunlight shines in and warms the plants and air inside. But the heat is trapped by the glass and can't escape.

What is the greenhouse effect?

So. The effect of the greenhouse effect is that heat is kept in. So heat is kept in in a greenhouse and heat is kept in the atmosphere instead or being radiated to space. The glass of the greenhouse keeps in heat that would be radiated, by hot objects in the greenhouse, to space and other surroundings.

Commercial and Residential (11 percent of greenhouse gas emissions) – Greenhouse gas emissions from businesses and homes arise primarily from fossil fuels burned for heat, the use of certain products that contain greenhouse gases, and the handling of waste.

The greenhouse effect is a result of A. absorption and radiation of energy in the hydrosphere. B. consumption of fruits and vegetables that produce a biofuel/5(20).

Greenhouse effect is the result of
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