The 10th doctor

Though the heavily aged Doctor anticipates his predestined death on the battlefields of Trenzalore, Clara convinces the Time Lords to give the Doctor a new regeneration cycle as he uses a fiery blast of regenerative energy to destroy the Dalek mothership.

His first full episode as the Doctor, barring an appearance in a " mini-episode " during the Children in Need show, was the Christmas Special, " The Christmas Invasion ". Archived from the original on 13 November He later played the role in full-costume for a sketch with The Muppets in a live performance at The O2 Arena in In the animated serial Dreamlandthe Doctor is joined by two one-off companions in s Roswell, New Mexico.

Though the older Doctors berate the 'War Doctor' for his killing both Time Lords and Daleks with a sentient weapon known as the Moment, they ultimately choose to support his decision and forgive themselves for this past atrocity. The Doctor and his companion arrive somewhere. Arriving inthe Doctor hints to Sparky the Wonder Penguin the strip's main character that in five years' time, the next President could be a black man, with the middle name Hussein, whose father was a Muslim, referring to the popularity of Senator Barack Obama in the Presidential election.

The Adventure Games is composed of four stories "episodes"produced alongside the series. He was unique in that he was the only incarnation of the Doctor who chose to abort one of his regenerations after being hit by a Dalek ray, channeling the energy into his spare hand without changing his appearance, something his successor would attribute to suffering "vanity issues at the time ".

Tenth Doctor

However, this incarnation was happy to have sideburns and to have more hair than his previous incarnation. He made a reappearance in " Deep Breath " Retrieved 25 February However, this incarnation was happy to have sideburns and to have more hair than his previous incarnation.

Not just in terms of pitch, but in the vocal mannerisms, too. After saving parallel Earth, Mickey decides to stay and help stop the Cybermen around the world despite the Doctor telling him he can never return. Archived from the original on 10 August He also met Jackie Tylerwho told him she had seen the recently regenerated incarnation.

Though he closes the cracks —reversing their effects and preventing the explosion— the Doctor himself is erased from history. The siege escalates into all-out war and after centuries pass, only the Daleks remain.

In parallel with the third series, Tennant lends his voice to the animated serial The Infinite Quest. The Doctor then takes Amy and Rory on several adventures, eventually taking them back on as full-time companions in " The Power of Three " before losing them during the events of " The Angels Take Manhattan ".

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Vote for your favourite Doctor". In stories set after "Journey's End", the Doctor is accompanied by numerous one-off and recurring companions who do not feature in the television series.

Understandably, the Doctor is very unhappy upon finding out that something as important as time travel is used for commercial purposes. Radio Times 11—17 April He has dark brown eyes and is perceived by most, including companions and other characters such as his future incarnation as "slim and a little bit foxy".

For most of his life, the Doctor was able to successfully project a convivial and even frivolous front. Retrieved 29 April This was later followed by a truly ongoing Tenth Doctor series in Julyset during the — specials and lasting sixteen issues before relaunching with the Eleventh Doctor.

Archived from the original on 5 March Archived from the original on 21 November After stopping them, the Doctor leaves Mickey behind at his request. River assists Amy in remembering the Doctor back into existence; he returns at her wedding to Rory, and the couple rejoin him as his companions.

He wears his own brown hair in various ways throughout the series: Together, they witness the mysterious Face of Boe Struan Rodger prophesy to the Doctor that "you are not alone.

After Amy attempts to seduce the Doctor, the Doctor recruits Rory as a second companion from " The Vampires of Venice " up until " Cold Blood ", where he is killed protecting the Doctor and is erased from history. Within the Doctor's tomb, the Great Intelligence uses the dead Doctor's remnants—his disembodied "timestream"—to spread himself across the Doctor's history, turning his victories into defeats.

Literature[ edit ] As the face of the Doctor Who franchise for —10, the Tenth Doctor appears extensively in Doctor Who spin-off media; in the majority of these series, the character simply takes after the place of the Ninth Doctor, and in turn is replaced by the Eleventh following the debut of the series.

The 10th Doctor

David Tennant and Billie Piper named best Doctor and companion". Engines of War When the Ninth Doctor answered a call from Mickey Smith in San Franciscohe was told that the phone call was meant for "the other one", and quickly deduced that Mickey was talking about his next incarnation.

He resolves to find her again in another era. Tennant thought the look was very geek chic. The Week that Was". Radio Times 11—17 April. The Tenth Doctor was a charismatic mixture of apparent opposites He could show extraordinary kindness and sensitivity, but he himself admitted he was a man who gave no second chances.

Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver I purchased both the 10th and 11th doctor sonics, so am reviewing both and comparing where warranted.:) Here's the main thing: This isn't just a replica of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It *is* the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver/5(K). This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled.

While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get. The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Cold Vengeance (Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Cold Vengeance) [Matt Fitton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The TARDIS arrives on Coldstar, a vast freezer satellite, packed with supplies to feed a 4/5(1). Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, published by Titan Publishing Group, is an American comic book series comprised of multiple stories.

Tenth Doctor

It is set within the Specials and features the Tenth Doctor and new companions: Gabby Gonzalez, Cindy Wu and Noobis. The series has had three years, or seasons Doctor: Tenth Doctor.

Feb 02,  · the tenth doctor from \'doctor who\', coat is removable, enjoy! doctor who - david tennant (tenth/ 10th doctor).

The 10th doctor
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