The symbol of horses and imageryused in the story am i blue by alice walker

In this way, Walker is comparing her emotions, as a human, to the emotions of a horse Blue. Walker also parallels the idea of humans disregarding the feelings of animals for human selfishness through the use of animals for food.

This is no longer the music of compression, but of long, connected groups of ideas and motifs. Earthling Poems Complete Actual rating: In describing the wild rose, author Walker intentionally creates a very incongruous image.

Therefore, the image also foreshadows and symbolizes the suffering and racism she will soon come to understand as she leaves her childhood innocence behind. Myop gathered common ferns.

Walker uses imagery to portray this comparison. Hence, the story is titled "The Flowers" because her act of laying down flowers at the side of a deceased man portrays her new awareness of death and suffering. The incongruous image of the wild rose helps the reader see that the members of the lynch mob used the wild rose in mockery of life and that, in the story, the wild rose symbolizes a mockery of life.

Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial. The poems in the "Mississippi Winter" sequence, "These Mornings of Rain", and "These Days" were the most lyrical of the collection although there were a number of others that flowed more lyrically than in her last two books. Posted by Stephanie K.

At first she discovers common things that is significant in her childhood days, then by and by, she came to a group of strange flowers which are the things that represents the things we encounter later in our teen age lives.

The summer was described beautifully giving impression to the readers as happy and cool. She discusses how we do not consider the impact that the methods of production have on the animals basically, we disregard animal rights.

It is when Myop is described as having "laid down her flowers," as if laying down flowers on a tomb, that Myop seems to have come to fully understand what she is seeing. Myop notices the noose that serves as evidence of a lynch mob hanging the moment she sees a single wild rose.

On these blustery mornings. One of the arguments Walker makes throughout the piece is that man only associates emotion as capable for humans, because as a society, we consider the ability to feel emotions is restricted to only humans. Furthermore, our society, or at least the society of the slavery period, believes that human emotions are restricted to those that are white, basically those who are human in the eyes of the dominant white male.

This collection of poems by Alice Walker pays tribute to her forebears, especially a part-Cherokee grandmother and a white great-great-grandfather who forced himself on her great-great-grandmother, and traces bits of 4/5.

In the essay, “Am I Blue?” by Alice Walker, Walker discusses the emotions that animals have and the similarities that those emotions have to human emotions.

In this way, Walker is comparing her emotions, as a human, to the emotions of a horse (Blue). Jul 12,  · Alice Walker's extraordinary use of imagery effectively creates scenes of beautiful country life in the readers mind.

'Am I Blue?' is about a horse named Blue. The author describes Blue by comparing him to human beings and human experiences. By Alice Walker This piece is titled, “Am I Blue”, and begins as a story about a horse not far from the author’s home. Although it seems uncomplicated and trivial, the story gains momentum in its purpose quite quickly, the story transforms from a tale of a horse to.

Am I Blue is the story of a young man who, with help of his fairy godfather, begins to better understand himself and his makomamoa.comt is a typical teenage boy going through a difficult time in high school. Vincent is constantly being bullied by his peers for being different from them.

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The Symbol of Horses and ImageryUsed in the Story Am.

The symbol of horses and imageryused in the story am i blue by alice walker
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